T-ara Profile


Birth name: Jeon Bo-ram (전보람)
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Birthdate: March 22, 1986 (1986-03-22)
Height: 155
Weight: 45
Blood type: A
School: Myungji University, Enrolled in Dept. of Theatre and Visual Arts (Qri is also enrolled in the same university and same department.)
Family: Father Jeon YongRuk (singer), mother Lee MiYoung (actress), a step father, a younger sister WooRam
Favourite Color: Yellow
Favourite Band: A&F
Roommate: Qri

Others Works:
Album: From Memory
Release Date: November 14, 2008
Genre: Ballad/Pop
Single: Lucifer Project Vol 1. 愛
Release Date: 2008.04.15
Style: Ballad
Other:Featured in Kebee -Feeling You MV

2009: MBC Soul/혼 (Drama)
2009-2010: KBS2 God Of Study/공부의 신 (Drama) – Cameo
– Cass beer Music Drama with 2PM as Stalker fan


Birth name: Ham Eun-jung (함은정)
Position: Lead Vocalist, and Main Rapper
Birthdate: December 12, 1988
Blood type: O
Height: 168
Weight: 46
School: DongGook University – Performing arts
Hobby: Movie, Fashion magazines, Reading
Specialty: TaeKwonDo, PanSoRi (Korean traditional narrative song), Horse riding
Roommate: SoYeon
Filmography :
2003: Madeleine (guest role)
2004: Land (guest role)
2005: Lovers in Prague (guest role)
2005: Cute or Crazy (guest role)
2006: Goong (Princess Hours) (guest role)
2008: Death Bell (guest role)
2008: Dating on Earth (guest role)
2009: God of Study (cameo)
2010: White (supporting role)
2010: Coffee House (lead role)
– starred in F.T Island’s “Love Sick” and “Thunder + Only One Person” music videos
– starred in SG Wannabe’s “Gashiri” music video
– starred in Davichi’s “Time, Please Stop” music videoOther:
Participated in the Wonder Woman project (w/ Davichi & SeeYa)
Participated in the T.T.L. (Time to Love) project (w/ Supernova)


Birth name: Lee Ji-hyun (이지현)
Position: Vocalist
Birthdate: December 12, 1986 (1986-12-12)
Height: 162
Weight: 44
Nickname: Qri, Cury
School: MyungJi University – studying theatrics
Roommate: Boram
2009: MBC Queen SeonDeok – (Drama)
2009-2010: KBS2 God of Study/공부의 신 (Drama) – Cameo
2010: SBS Giant/자이언트 (Drama) – Cameo
2010: Death Bell 2/고사 2 (Movie) – Cameo


Birth name: Park In-jung (박인정)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birtdate: October 5, 1987 (1987-10-05)
Stage Name: Park Soyeon
Languages: Korean, (conversational) English, Japanese (basic).
Weight: 46
Height: 163
School: Anyang Art School
Casted: 2005 Chin Chin Singing Competition
Roommate: EunJungExtra Information
Won Gold in 2005 CMB ChinChin Music Festival competition
Former SM Trainee
Original Member/Leader of Girls’ Generation (SNSD), Super Girl
Left SM & SNSD/Super Girl due to personal reasons
Known as the ‘Mirror Prencess’
Known to be the member with the most celebrity connections
Went to school with Seungho (of MBLAQ)
Has a dog named KimaruFilmography:
2009-2010: KBS2 God of Study/공부의 신 (Drama) – Cameo
2010: SBS Giant/자이언트 (Drama) – CameoOther:
Participated in the T.T.L. (Time to Love) project (w/ Supernova)


Birth name: Park Sun-young (박선영)
Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer
Birthday: May 30, 1989
Blood Type: O
Height: 167
Weight: 43k
School: SeongGyunGwan University – Acting arts
Hobby: Photography, Cooking, Drawing, Styling
Specialty: Musical, Sports, Acting
Favorite Brand: AA
Valuable Possession: Camera
Roommate: JiYeon

-Featured in SGWannabe’s Unforgettable Breakup MV
-Featured in FT Island’s Heaven MV
-Featured in Seeya’s Gani performance
-Featured in SS501‘s Unlock MV
-casted in KBS2TV’s Invincible Youth (23rd October 2009)

2009: God of Study (cameo)
2010: My Girlfriend is Nine-tailed Fox

Participated in the Wonder Woman project (w/ Davichi & SeeYa)
Participated in the T.T.L. (Time to Love) project (w/ Supernova)


Birth name: Park Ji-yeon (박지연)
Position: Vocalist
Birthdate: June 7, 1993
Blood Type: AB
Languages: Korean, Japanese (basic).
Weight: 45
Height: 167 cm
School: HyeHwa All Girls High School
Hobbies: Sleeping, Watching Movies, TaeKwonDo, Sports, Cooking
Awards: Smart Model Contest 2008, APM Model 2007 [Silver]
Roommate: HyoMin

2007: KBS Hello! Miss/헬로 애기씨 (Drama) (Cameo)
2009: MBC Soul/혼 (Drama)
2009: MBC High Kick Through the Roof/지붕 뚫고 하이킥 (Drama) (Cameo)
2009-2010: KBS2 God Of Study/공부의 신 (Drama)
2010: Death Bell 2/고사 2 (Movie)

– Appeared in SG Wannabe’s “My Love Crybaby” & “I Love You” MV’s

Participated in the Wonder Generation project (w/ Davichi & SeeYa)
Participated in the T.T.L. (Time to Love) project (w/ Supernova)


Birth name: Ryu Hwa-young (류화영)
Position: Vocalist
Birthdate: 1993
Height: 168
T-ara’s new member and new maknae.
She has a twin sister and her name is Ryu Hyo Young(5Dolls‘s member)
She is a CCM traine too.


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