Nine Muses Profile


Name: Sera
Real Name: Ryu Sae Ra
Birthday: October 3, 1987
Height: 170cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Piano, Guitar
Specialty: English


Name: Hyuna
Real Name: Moon Hyun Ah
Birthday: January 19, 1987
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Singing, violin, dancing, piano


Name: Eun Ji
Real Name: Park Eun Ji
Birthday: September 27, 1988
Height: 172cm
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Swimming


Name: Hye Mi
Real Name: Pyo Hye Mi
Birthday: April 3, 1991
Height: 171cm
Blood Type: B

Lee Sem

Name: Lee Sem
Real Name: Lee Joo Hyun
Birthday: May 5, 1987
Height: 174cm
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Athletics, Crafts, Fine Arts

Min Ha

Name: Min Ha
Real Name: Park Min Ha
Birthday: June 27, 1991
Height: 172cm
Blood Type: A


Name: Lee Yu Ae Rin
Real Name: Lee Hye Min
Birthday: May 3, 1988
Height: 174cm
Blood Type: 0
Hobby: Ballet, DJing
Specialty: Horseback Riding, Golf

Kyung Ree

Name: Park Kyung Ri
Real Name: Park Kyung Ri
Birthday: June 5, 1990
Height: 171cm
Hobby & Specialty: Singing, Dancing
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Former Member

Jae Kyung

Name: Jae Kyung (재경)
Real Name: Jung Seo Young (정서영)
Birthday: September 9, 1987
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Flute


Name: Rana
Real Name: Kim Ra Na
Nickname: Nana
Birthday: June 26, 1983
Height: 174 cm
Blood Type: A
Specialty: Painting


Name: Bini (비니)
Real Name: Lee Hye Bin (이혜빈)
Birthday: November 13, 1985
Height: 173 cm
Blood Type: B
Specialty: Golf, Ski, Playing Janggu
Hobby: Reading, Watching Movies

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4 responses to “Nine Muses Profile

  1. geunswan

    So, nine muses have 7 member? ?
    its mean that they must change their group name . .

  2. Rana

    i love hyemi soooo muuchhh….

  3. Nine Muses , Hwaiting ~ You’re always the best !!

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